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Inventor Of Hazmat Suits For Concerts Made Sure To Have Cannisters For Drinking & Vaping

At least you could mosh in this thing, right?

As society continues to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, and realizing that the end is still a ways off, people are getting restless and want to go back to shows. There have been several concepts from virtual shows, to drive-in shows to even the first socially distanced show. Recently, an LA design firm who works in the concert and gaming industry has offered their own solution: hazmat suits optimized for the concert experience.

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Production Club main man  Miguel “Mike 808” Risueno was interviewed for a piece by NBC New York, and please, if you have two minutes, you should watch this video:

While this is still in the conceptual phase, the way Risueno sees this working is you would rent these suits from the venues. That means venues would be responsible for having and storing hundreds of these suits and disinfecting them after every show. I've smelled what GWAR's costumes smell like, I can't imagine what these things will smell like after a year of beer farts.

And speaking of beer, because Miguel knows fans want to have a great time, they made sure to build in valves so that you can drink alcohol and vape responsibly.

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I'm morbidly curious about trying one of these things, but they have yet to build a prototype. Would this be something you see yourself wearing? Could you see a hazmat mosh pit starting?

[via MetalSucks]

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