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Could Drive-In Concerts Be In Our Future?

Could this be a temporary solution?

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Has anybody else been having dreams about going to concerts? I've had multiple dreams about this in the last two weeks. I would assume most metalheads are really itching to go to a show right now, but, based on our surveying and some other polling, most of you do not feel like it's safe to do so until there is a vaccine, or some similar safety solution. But there could be a solution on the horizon.

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With health experts saying large gatherings like concerts would likely be a part of the last wave of pulling back on social distancing, and that such a time is about a year to eighteen months away, some solutions need to be realized. Some drive-in movie theaters that have been abandoned are starting to open back up. Could something similar happen with concerts?

Danish singer-songwriter Mads Langer pulled off quite a feat, staging a concert with only six days notice. It sold five hundred tickets.

Fans were able to drive into the venue and tune their car radios to a short-range FM radio station, just like at a drive-in movie. Uniquely, the concert utilized Zoom to offer a direct visual connection in the cars. Instead of applauding, fans honked their horns in between songs.

It's certainly not the most ideal solution, but it's a thought? I'm wondering what the limitations would be of actually blasting the music through a PA in a scenario like this. Footage of the concert can be seen below.

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Would you consider going to a drive-in concert? Weigh in via our poll below.

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