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Metal Science

Fans Of These Five Bands Feel Pretty Damn Good About Themselves

So says a study, anyway.

Self Confidence

According to a new study, fans of rock music have a pretty positive body image of themselves. The study from WithinHealth notes that 64% of rock fans have a positive body image, with fans of '90s hits coming in second place at only 54%.

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The study then goes on to note that fans of Metallica, Tool, Nirvana, Five Finger Death Punch, and Avenged Sevenfold are the artists whose fans feel the most confident in themselves. Obviously the study didn't list the bottom five, as "artists who make people feel like shit about themselves" probably isn't a good thing to advertise. Unless that's your whole thing.

Furthermore, the study notes that A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, and Motionless In White are the most frequent artists to appear on body-positive playlists.

"For this study, we utilized the Spotify API to identify songs and artists in thousands of body image related playlists," notes the authors. "We compiled a total of 2,544 playlists that were found when searching: 'confidence,' 'feel good,' 'body positivity,' 'body image,' 'feeling ugly,' and 'bad body image.'

"The first three searches were grouped as positive body image playlists, and the last three were negative. In total, these playlists contained 165,559 songs. We also surveyed 1,009 respondents to explore how music impacts their body image."

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Two other interesting tidbits of information from the study include:

  • 37% of people agree that music has helped them develop body positivity
  • 28% of people think music videos have a negative impact on their body image

Now go get out there and feel good about yourselves.

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