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MEGADETH Will Be In The Studio Come Summer 2014

Fresh off their ill-received 2013 endeavor Supercollider, which frontman Dave Mustaine thinks was just misunderstood by critics and fans alike, Megadeth are already talking about a new record to be recorded next summer. Should we be excited or scared?

Mustaine recently revealed in a chat with that the band has plans to hit the studio late next summer. He said:

"We right now have a bunch of dates that's gonna take us up until August of next year. That's when we start recording the next record. We've already started working on writing stuff…

"Sometimes we've been forced to really kind of write on the spot. Right now we've got an amazing luxury to be able to take some time."

I'm just going to come right out and say it- I think Supercollider got crapped on way too hard. Was it a great record? No, but it definitely wasn't a Lulu-status turd either. I'm definitely not hankering for Supercollider II, don't get me wrong, I'm just saying it wasn't the worst thing to have ever happened in the history of ever. Mustaine defends the record, but of course he does- it's his art and he believes in it (or believed at least), and I can't picture the band going back down that road. I guess we'll see come probably early 2015 or so? Despite my semi-defense of the record, if this new one does end up being Supercollider II, it could very well mark the end of an age where people take the band seriously.

Risk me once, shame on you… Risk me twice, give me my fucking money back.

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