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Mustaine Mania

DAVE MUSTAINE Rationalizes Why Critics Don't Like MEGADETH's Super Collider

Megadeth's Super Collider might be one of the most panned albums of the year. As our own Drew Zalucky put in in his (somewhat generous) 4/10 review: "People are saying this might be their worst album since Risk. But Christ, at least Dave's voice was still in good shape then."

In a new interview, Dave Mustaine has a theory on why it's so panned.

Speaking to the Detroit Metro Times, Mustaine said:

Critics have to listen to a whole bunch of records and don’t really have time to live with them like they used to when we were younger. They’ll listen to a record once. If it grabs them, they’ll say something about it. If it doesn’t, they’ll say something else about it. If somebody has said something good about it before, journalists nowadays can be impressed by a mob mentality. They’ll jump on the bandwagon instead of being an individual and having their own opinions. There’s also that psychosis where, if a guy doesn’t like a person and he listens to the record, then it can be a masterpiece and they’ll say it sucks. I know there have been a lot of misconceptions about me over the years and my autobiography cleared a lot of that up, but not everybody’s read it.

So, clearly because nearly everybody panned the album, Mustaine thinks they're all trying to one-up each other, and are simply holding grudges for all the misconceptions that came out of his mouth. Got it!

[photo via MetalSucks / story via Metal Hammer]

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