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MEGADETH Have Found A New Record Label; GIGANTOUR To Return In 2013

When Dave Mustaine announced the band parted ways with Roadrunner Records a few months ago, I opined that it'll be hard for the band to find a new home, what with all of Mustaine's recent outbursts. But turns out I was wrong as Mustaine said in a recent interview that the band have a new label lined up.

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Speaking to Vintage Rock, Mustaine revealed that the band have a new label home and that their festival tour is returning:

“We have the ability to do what we want and we’re with a great new label. We’re doing a press release about it soon. I can’t say who it is; you know I’d love to tell you who it is… But we’re not with Roadrunner anymore. That was some good years for us there, and we really look back with great fondness on our times with Roadrunner. But the excitement level for us right now is just insane.”

Dave also revealed in the interview that Gigantour will be returning towards the end of this year, with dates in North and South America.

The band is in the studio finishing up their new album. We posted some samples here and here and it sounded pretty good. I look forward to hearing what the band comes up with.

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