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Did You Know MEGADETH Is Recording A New Album?

Did you know that when Dave Mustaine isn't busy calling out CNN and Men's Warehouse or when he's trying to secede, that Megadeth is actually recording a new album? It's true! Yesterday, the band released a teaser video from the studio, and things are looking good…

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The solo samplings sound rad, the little bit of lyrics I heard have made me roll my eyes. As much shit as I've given Dave Mustaine over the last year, I have always said the man knows how to write a song. While it's much harder these days to listen to Megadeth, given all the dumb things Dave said, and that I immediately assosiate the music with the man, I will still give this record a shot when it comes out this year.

The band is working with producer Johnny K. on the album in Dave's studio, Vic's Garage. The band is currently without a label as they parted ways with Roadrunner Records a few months ago.

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