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MAX CAVALERA Doesn't Need To Do A SEPULTURA Reunion "At The Moment"

So… is there another moment where it'll happen?

Max Cavalera Soulfly2022g

Frontman Max Cavalera quit Sepultura in 1996, while his brother and drummer Igor Cavalera stuck around for another decade and left in 2006. Max has since clarified that his departure was his own decision, and notes that a reunion with the band's classic lineup would be "amazing, but the real reunion for me is just me and my brother being together."

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So is a Sepultura reunion still potentially on the table? In a segment with Rock Interview Series, Max said he doesn't really need it "at the moment." Whether or not that's an intentional way of wording it to leave the door open isn't clear, but Max does make it obvious that his main priority is Soulfly.

"I'm very, very busy right now with all the projects, 'cause I've got so many — Soulfly being my main band, but also Go Ahead And Die with my son Igor, and Killer Be Killed. And I'm already playing a lot of the old stuff with my brother; that, to me, right there, it fills the void anyway.

"So, yeah, I don't think about that at all. At this moment, I don't need to do anything like that. I think at this moment I'm so busy with the stuff that I have in front of me, and the fans love all the stuff that I've been doing anyway. There's no point, really. 'Cause I haven't even thought of that idea in a long time.

"But I think that my main thing right now is Soulfly… And I love the fact that Soulfly just keeps getting stronger and stronger with every record. And I look forward to the time to write the next one. It'll be another challenge and another chance to make something good again."

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A Sepultura reunion show might be a little awkward, given Derrick Green has fronted the band since 1997 and might not want to step aside. Same with drummer Eloy Casagrande – dude has been sitting behind the kit for Sepultura for over a decade. Would either one of those long-running members be down for a reunion to happen?

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