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MAX CAVALERA Says It Was His Fault He Left SEPULTURA, Not His Wife's Fault

"Blame me for Sepultura splitting up. I would much rather prefer that."


Max Cavalera leaving Sepultura in 1996 is still a sore spot for many fans. The band eventually recruited vocalist Derrick Green in 1998, while Cavalera has gone on to form a handful of influential bands like Soulfly, the short-lived Nailbomb, and Killer Be Killed. One theory among fans is that Max's decision to leave the band was influenced by his wife Gloria Cavalera, which Max said in an interview with The Dan Chan Show isn't true at all.

"It's really mixed emotions, especially because me and Igor being there in the very, very beginning, and nobody that is in the band [now] was there — not even [bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.] was there in the very beginning. So it's something that feels really personal and sacred that you were there in the very beginning and now you're not. At the same time, it's one of those things in life that just happens and you've gotta move on with other things."

"I don't regret it. It's like any thing — it ran its course. One of those things, though, I'll say this, it's extremely frustrating to me that some of the fans don't understand, and it's really easy to blame people for it. And a lot of people end up blaming my wife, Gloria. They always go, 'She broke up the band.' And the truth is we grew apart; we started hating each other, man. It happened to The Beatles and it happened to many other bands — Pantera. It's just how it is. We just didn't find the joy in playing with each other anymore and it was time to move on. So it's a cheap shot to blame her: 'Let's just blame her. She's gotta be the reason why that happened.' And it's, like, no — not at all. We are the reason. I'd rather they blame me than her or somebody else. Blame me for Sepultura splitting up. I would much rather prefer that."

As for Sepultura ever getting back with the Cavalera brothers, it seems… not entirely impossible? Max's brother and ex-Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera said in a recent interview that reuniting with his former bandmates would be "awesome." He then notes he's perfectly happy with the "real reunion" of playing with his brother, but still – a Cavalera reunion with Sepultura would be nuts.

"I have to be honest with you, man. You know that the reunion, in my opinion, it's me and my brother. You know, like that's the person that I want to be united with. So, for me, that's…the other stuff, it doesn't happen…I can't really, you know, be too bummed about it. Of course, it would be amazing, but the real reunion for me is just me and my brother being together. That's what makes me happy."

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