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Killer Be Killed

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10. KILLER BE KILLEDReluctant HeroNuclear Blast Records One of those rare supergroups that actually deserves the name. You can definitely hear the contributions from...

This is the point of the year where I usually make a joke about the hits and misses, what bands are underrated and which...

2020 sucked. End of story. Aside from the deaths, hardships and the basic collapse of society and common sense at large; it was a...

Greetings folks, and welcome to another year-end list from the Weekly Injection guy. To the metals… These are the albums that I either returned...

Latest Killer Be Killed Music Videos

Music Videos

"The creeping punisher on this record, a lumbering steamroller laying a trail of sleek acid slime from beginning to end."

Music Videos

Killer Be Killed just released a new music video for their track "Curb Crusher" which spotlights the band's recent week-long tour of Australia for...

Music Videos

It seems that the performance footage was shot at the same time as their last video, but that doesn't make this track any less...

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Last year we celebrated the Collaboration/Supergroup and I was well aware that a few rather interesting ones were on their way. Still on the way,...

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Live Footage

The 70,000 Tons of of Metal cruise was last week and a big part of the festivities is the jam session with all the...

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