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M. SHADOWS On AVENGED SEVENFOLD's Next Album: "There's Something Vastly Different In The Works"

There are a lot of leftover ideas from Life Is But A Dream, apparently.

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold returned to the world earlier this year with Life Is But A Dream, and it's been pretty divisive among their fanbase. Some really dig the way more progressive and experimental sound, while others simply wish Avenged Sevenfold would go back to being a metal band.

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All we know is that whatever Avenged Sevenfold has in store for fans next, it's not going to be Life Is But A Dream, Pt. 2. According to Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows in an interview with Loudwire, the band has something "vastly different" but somewhat related in the works.

"There's something vastly different in the works," said Shadows. "There were some avenues on this record that we really wanted to explore … I appreciate that comparison because I love that record, there is so much chaos and then there's beauty in the chaos. I think of [Weezer's] Pinkerton, that's another record that's chaotic but so beautiful."

Shadows later clarified that Avenged Sevenfold isn't in the studio or anything like that working on the follow-up, but are simply kicking ideas around right now.

"There are things that were left on the sides of this record that didn't quite make it that can be explored that I think will be incredible, that will be a very cool, soothing sort of connection to this record."

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"I can't wait to explore that. I hope we can do it sooner than later honestly. But that really comes down to touring schedules and when we can get back in there. But this opens the doors to so many different things, the way that music has evolved in terms of distribution. You can kind of just do whatever you want. It's such an amazing gift, this Wild West we're living in. There are so many cool avenues we can take it down and I can't wait to do that and explore it and release it in certain ways."

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