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Liquid Death Donating 50% Of Proceeds From Sales at Whole Foods To Bands

Posted by on June 5, 2020 at 12:52 pm

Liquid Death, the canned water company that recently put out a death metal album about how much people hate them, and is just very good at marketing in general, has teamed up with Whole Foods to do something good. Whole Foods will donate 50% of every purchase of Liquid Death at their stores to bands who can no longer tour due to COVID-19.

So if you're shopping and you see a case of Liquid Death, grab one!

For the next few weeks, every time you buy Liquid Death at @WholeFoods they will donate 50% of the profits to stuggling bands who can no longer tour because of covid. Kill a thirst, help a band. Thank you to them for supporting bands through their efforts. #cansforbands #liquiddeath #wholefoods #converge #deathwishinc #epitaphrecords

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