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A JUDAS PRIEST Cover Was In Liquid Death's Overpriced Superbowl Commercial

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A JUDAS PRIEST Cover Was Featured In Liquid Death's Overpriced, Not Drunk Superbowl Commercial

Children and pregnant women did not get drunk.

Liquid Death, the canned water company with a very serious love of heavy metal, got in on the Superbowl commercial festivities by insinuating that children and pregnant women were drunk to a cover of Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law." They weren't, and it was just water. It's fine.

"Time to crack open an ice-cold tallboy and hydrate with your underage buds!" said the company. "Check out our first overpriced national TV commercial from the Big Game!"

Get hydrated here.

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"We'd be better off hiding messages like, 'Buy more Priest records' or 'Buy more T-shirts,' wouldn’t we?"