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Liquid Death Turns All Negative Publicity Against It Into Amazing Death Metal Song

Posted by on June 26, 2019 at 1:57 pm

Have you heard of Liquid Death? It might look like a tallboy of beer, but it's actually water, "100% mountain water from the Alps" created to murder your thirst. Why aluminium cans? Because they are easier to recycle than their plastic counterparts. All the metal imagery is because the company's founder, Mike Cessario, has a background playing in punk and metal bands and also in marketing.

Speaking to Business Insider, Cessario said:

“Initially some of our thinking was, we wanted to take more inspiration from the beer category because one thing we know in marketing is if you want younger people to want something you have to market to people in their 20s because teens want the thing they can’t have. At first we knew the easiest crowd for us is anyone into heavy metal, punk rock, and that kind of world because they immediately get the joke and get the humor and have never seen anything like it. What makes this appealing for such a large group is that it feels like a niche thing.”

The brand has some serious backing – they recently secured $1.6 million in funding, and a total of $2.25 million funding overall. Among the investors are Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Dollar Shave Club founder, and luggage startup Away co-founder Jen Rubio.

One thing Liquid Death is getting right is their marketing. They've been plastered all over my social media and this latest piece they created is just a gold mine. They compiled footage of all the mainstream media outlets talking about the water, namely reciting the branding lines in a mocking tone and turned them on their head in an excellent death metal song.

Amazing. You can pick up a 12 pack of tall boys for about $20 at LiquidDeath.com.

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