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LED Guitar Picks: Only 10x As Expensive As Regular Picks

Do guitar picks have any actual value? I mean, I have a pile of them in my drawer and I don't even play guitar. Granted, I run a metal site though. But now is the new evolution of guitar picks… LED GUITAR PICKS!

When I saw the story on MetalSucks, I was certainly intrigued. Hey, this looks kind of cool. It lights up when you play!!! See:

The creators promise that the pick will last for several years and you can recharge the LED lights via micro USB, and they're really proud of their technology:

The Firefly Pick’s analog sensor system intelligently detects even the quietest picking action, while simultaneously ignoring the unrelated motions of your environment.

Cool, right? So, how much is it? FORTY NINE FUCKING DOLLARS. Are you kidding me? What is the value of a guitar pick? Like a dollar? If even!?? To ask 49 bucks is a bit brazen. Would you pay for this? Well, if the answer is yes, perhaps you should contribute to their Kickstarter.

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