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LARS ULRICH's Advice To His Sons: "Don't Take 10 Years To Make Your Music"

Lars might wanna tell Metallica.

metallica lars ulrich
Photo: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Taipei Houston, the duo consisting of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's sons Myles and Layne, have wasted no time in getting out there. The band dropped their "As The Sun Sets" single back in June and has already announced their debut album Once Bit Never Bored due out on November 4. In an interview with Rock Sound, Myles reveals their father gave them a handful of great advice, one bit of which being "don't take forever."

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"Yeah, I think especially early on, he gave some advice. That was cool. You know, we played him a few songs and… there's not really like one soundbite in particular, it was more just like stuff about – you know, 'Don't waste time doing this or doing that; don't take 10 years to make your music,' like, 'Get it out there, go show people what you're doing.' You know what I mean? Just be smart and time-efficient and the kind of stuff like general industry advice – which is always really good to have, I think, because the music industry is crazy."

The obvious joke here is that Metallica released Hardwired To Self-Destruct in 2016 and said they didn't want to take another eight years between albums like they did after Death Magnetic… and yet, here we are six years later. But really, Metallica and Ulrich did follow that advice when they first got started, having released their classic first four albums in the span of five years (plus The $5.98 E.P. – Garage Days Re-Revisited in 1987). And it's not like Metallica needs the exposure of putting out new music anymore, right? Dudes could've stopped in 1991 and been good.

You can also check out 's latest single "The Middle" below. Taipei Houston said of the single and Once Bit Never Bored, "To us, Taipei Houston is about going against the grain in every aspect. We live in a time that is ripe with extremely difficult and confusing challenges.

"Technology grips the world more and more, politics have become so polarised, we are heading towards climate disaster. This music is born and bred out of the contemporary, buzzing digital anxiety we all experience, and how we can try to escape those feelings – even for a second."

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