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Kerry King Hints At Post-SLAYER Music

"Let’s just say… Dean didn’t sign me for nothing!"


Slayer ended their career in 2019, though based on what we've heard from the band's manager Rick Sales, it might not be the end of the band. Sales was recently quoted as saying "I've got a couple of ideas [for future projects], but we haven't made any decisions" in an interview. However, guitarist Kerry King's wife Ayesha said "don't hold your breath" regarding new Slayer music but "[Kerry] says not to worry, you’ll always get music from him."

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Which brings us to King's recent interview with Guitar World. King recently unveiled his $8,666 guitar in collaboration with Dean and tells the magazine that "Dean didn’t sign me for nothing!"

Speaking of the final Slayer tour, now that you’re at the end of the run, fans are anxious to learn what you’ll be up to next. You’ve been clear in the past that you’re not retiring. Is it safe to say fans can expect to hear some new music from Kerry King and the new signature Dean guitar in the future?

"Let’s just say… Dean didn’t sign me for nothing!"

Sure it'll be interesting to see what King cooks up for a new band, but it'll be even more interesting to see who he gets to back him. He's Kerry King – it's not like the guy is going to be scavenging for band members should he decide to do something.

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