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Kerry King Calls SLAYER the AC/DC Of Thrash, Tells Fans They "Can Expect The Same Record We've Been Giving Them For Last 20 Years"

One thing I love about Kerry King is that the guy is super honest. He's wrapping up with Mayhem Fest and virtually every interview has a question about new music from the band. We already know it's not coming out for a while, even though a few songs are done. During a recent interview with, when asked what the new album will sound like, King basically said that with Slayer, you know what you're going to get. It's going to sound like Slayer. Here is the excerpt:  

They can expect the same record we've been giving them for the last 20 years. That's basically what it is. It's the AC/DC of thrash metal. You know what you're gonna get. The unpredictableness is the predictable part of it. We keep the train on the tracks, but we experiment with anything we can think of on the way.

I admire his honesty. He could've said this is the heaviest record they've ever made, or that this would be like Reign In Blood II, but he didn't. He said the truth, it'll sound like Slayer and fans will dig it. I salute you for your honesty, Mr. King!

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