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Just In Time For Halloween, SLIPKNOT's Clown Is Selling (Pricey) Clown Masks

The more you look at it, the more it's going to creep you out. The worst part is this is only the first mask Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan has released, as he plans on releasing the masks yearly for the rest of his life. I'm dead serious.

Dude, seriously. You can get the mask right here for $500, because what better way to spend $500 than buying a mask that'll either scare your significant other or kids away, or scare anyone out of your living quarters period? If you're gonna, do it fast; there are only 50 ever being made of this mask… not that I think they're going fast or anything, but you never knows. So what does Crahan have to say for himself? How the hell is he explaining this? Well:

"I feel being 44 years old today [September 24] is the beginning of a new era for myself for whatever reason."

"I decided that every year on my birthday I'm going to release a new clown mask."

"As you know, I've tried to get some masks out to the public and it hasn't quite yet added up to everything I wanted to be. Now I'm collaborating with a friend named Jason Kain and we are going to bring you the new way in clownology."

"I just put them up today. I'm going to put masks out every year with a new story."

"Clown001 is starting it all off."

"In the near future, you will receive the story behind clown001."

Right. Whatever makes the dude happy for his birthday. On a much less terrifying-looking-clown-demon note, Slipknot are planning on 2014 being their year for new music! Which notably doesn't involve terrifying clowns and does include good music, so that's nice. I'm going to have to write about this every year now, and every year it's only going to add to the memories of writing about terrifying clowns… come on, Crahan.

[via Blabbermouth]

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