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Will The Next SLIPKNOT Album Be A Double Record?

Posted by on September 19, 2013 at 3:30 pm

We've talked about Slipknot doing a record in 2014, but Joey Jordison has come forward with the good news that they're slowly piecing things together. A lot of things, apparently.

When Jordison was asked by ArtistDirect how the new Slipknot record was coming along, Jordison responded:

"Whenever I pick up a guitar and I'm not doing anything, I'm always writing riffs. That's all we're doing. We've all got a shitload of riffs. We're always writing. Even though we haven't gotten together, there's plenty of material there. We talk to each other all the time on our cell phones and all of that when we're on tour in different spots of the world. We're all working. It hasn't found its time yet. We're continuing to write though. We're always writing. We're going to have so much shit, it might have to be a double record."

I would really be alright with a double record by Slipknot, especially if some of the material were in the super heavy vein of their self-titled or Iowa… which everyone seems to forget. Slipknot are heavy, kids. It's okay to be a Slipknot fan. I'm interested to hear where their head is at now with the band's members taking on generally heavier projects, and to see how the band's music fares without bassist and writer Paul Gray in the mix. Could 2014 be the year everyone ceases the needless slogging of Slipknot? I'm hoping so.

[via Blabbermouth]

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