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It's The Varg Vikernes-Created Role-Playing Game You've Been Waiting For!

Varg did something that actually doesn't look horribly racist.

Varg did something that actually doesn't look horribly racist.

We all know Burzum's Varg Vikernes can seriously be a gigantic racist piece of shit sometimes, if not hilariously ignorant. So yesterday people started posting about his fantasy role playing game titled Myfarog about how it's probably super racist because it's about survivalism "based on European values, geography, (pre-) history, mythology, traditions and morals, [that] will offer you the opportunity to play a game in accordance with your own European nature."

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So is it? Maybe. I don't know. There's nothing really pointing in either direction.

My bias toward Varg being a super racist makes me want to believe that this probably also racist, so far I haven't really seen anything to support that. Oh well? If anything, this seems incredibly complex… so good job? Am I allowed to say that on the Internet?

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