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Gee, What's Wrong With This OZZY OSBOURNE Mural?

It's a real thinker.

Ozzy Rhoades

A branch of the Wetherspoons pub company opened up in Birmingham and, as you'd expect, decided to pay tribute to its hometown legend of Ozzy Osbourne. According to Guitar World, the Wetherspoons has a big ol' mural featuring Osbourne and at least one point in the history of his music. It's a nice gesture, but there are some pretty glaring issue and we'd love to know what the hell happened.

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First off, here's the full photo as taken by Dominik Spitzer:

Gee, What's Wrong With This OZZY OSBOURNE Mural?

The first and most obvious issue is that fact that someone managed to take cover photo from Osbourne's 1987 live tribute album to Randy Rhoads, named Tribute, and photoshop the two together so that Osbourne appears to be playing guitar. How this happens is beyond us, but here's the original and the botched Photoshop side by side:

The second and more minor issue here is that Rhoads never played in Black Sabbath. Which I guess isn't really a problem when you Photoshop the dude out of the photo and only have Ozzy Osbourne left, who very much was in Black Sabbath.

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