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TRIVIUM's Paolo Gregoletto Valiently Defends METALLICA Against TAYLOR SWIFT Fans

Trivium vs. the Swifties.

trivium taylor

Trivium’s bassist Paolo Gregoletto had some choice words yesterday for Taylor Swift’s army of fans, otherwise known as the “Swifties.”

The beef seemingly started when it was announced that Metallica had re-entered the Billboard 200, according to Metalheads naturally celebrated this foundational band’s lasting success and cultural relevance. However, it wasn’t long before the Swifties arrived to spoil the moment.

A particularly persistent member of the Swiftie legions appears to have pushed one too many of Mr. Gregoletto’s buttons, claiming that “Mettalica (sic)” couldn’t write an album on the same level as Swift’s Speak Now, Red, and the recently released Folklore. Ms. Swift’s loyal soldier went on to claim that nobody had ever heard of Metallica’s Master of Puppets (???), a crucially influential album that has so far sold six million copies in the United States alone.

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This spicy exchange predictably devolved into a flame war between the metalheads and the Swifties over which artist has sold the most music.

Of course, all this drama begs the question: what pissed off the Swifties so much in the first place that they’d actively search Twitter for mentions of Metallica (the only metal band non-metalheads know) specifically to troll anybody giving them their well-deserved praise?

Well, long ago, the Swifties and the metalheads lived together in harmony, perfectly content to listen to their own music within their own separate bubbles. Then, everything changed when Ihsahn attacked.

So, anyone check out the new @taylorswift yet? Personally I like the design?? #Repost @davidthierree ・・・ Well, folks, I 'm not the only one to think that Taylor Swift' s new visual is very Metal… Even very close to Ihsahn 's artworks I made. I could have done it for her, probably for a cheaper price than what she paid ?? #taylorswift #taylorswiftfolklore #folklore #blackmetalart #telemark #davidthierree #darkarts #metalcovers #artist #artwork #metalartist #owlstrollsanddeadkingsskulls #blackmetalmusic #blackmetalcovers


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As reported by Metal Injection late last month, black metal icon Ihsahn (jokingly) called out Swift for the uncanny resemblance between her album art for Folklore and the art for his solo EP Telemark. The Instagram jab seemed to be just a good-natured ribbing, as Ihsahn has made no indication whatsoever that he is interested in legal action. However, that clearly hasn’t stopped the Swifties from coming to their queen’s defense. We’ll be watching this story with great interest.

However this plays out, one thing’s for certain: Mr. Paolo Gregoletto will stand ready to defend Metallica’s honor.

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(Taylor Swift photo by Eva Rinaldi)

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