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Feud of the Year: IHSAHN Calls Out TAYLOR SWIFT For Similar Artwork

Posted by on July 26, 2020 at 11:53 am

Ihsahn, no what are you doing?! You are starting a flame war with one of the fiercest online army of trolls out there, Swifties aka Taylor Swift fans.

On Friday, Taylor Swift released a surprise album named Folklore, and metal fans immediately noticed the similarity in the album art to black metal album covers. The artwork featured Taylor obscured by a forest of trees in black and white.

One person who noticed the comparison is black metal legend Ihsahn, who reposted a comparison of Swift's new album, and. his release, Telemark.

He reposted from the artist who created the Telemark artwork, who wrote "Well, folks, I 'm not the only one to think that Taylor Swift' s new visual is very Metal… Even very close to Ihsahn 's artworks I made. I could have done it for her, probably for a cheaper price than what she paid 😁😅"

Ihsahn added on "So, anyone check out the new @taylorswift yet? Personally I like the design🤯😂"

All in good fun, until the Swifties come!

[Taylor Swift photo via Eva Rinaldi]

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