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KORN Suing Ex-Drummer David Silveria Over Massive Royalty Disagreement

Korn vs. David Silveria

Korn vs. David Silveria

David Silveria seems to have a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to his past with Korn. You might remember back in 2015,  he said his replacement in the band, current Korn drummer Ray Luzier "lacks groove" and called Korn bassist Fiedly "a cowardly little bitch."

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Silveria then filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates over what Silveria felt was unpaid earnings, saying he never gave up his ownership interest. Silveria and Korn settled out of court, and allegedly Korn paid Silveria a lump sum in exchange for signing over any rights to future Korn royalties.

But now, according to a report from The Blast, Korn is suing Silveria for breach of that agreement. Silveria allegedly attempted to circumvent the band and go directly to SoundExchange for his cut:

But in July 2018, the band claims Silveria contacted SoundExchange (the company that handled royalty payments) and claimed he was entitled to his cut. The band says they contacted Silveria to tell him this was in direct violation of the settlement agreement he reached and to withdraw his claim to SoundExchange.

Silveria has yet to do so, they claim, and SoundExchange has responded by placing a hold on all payouts related to Korn. The band says they’ve lost out on $290,000 in payments so far.

If somebody was costing my band $290,000 in held-back royalties, I would be pretty upset myself.

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After failing to plead for his job back with Korn, Silveria joined the band Core10 and after a very negative reaction to their first single, quit the band and formed a new one.

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