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David Silveria Pleaded For His Job Back With KORN via Video Message Before Filing A Lawsuit

Silveria realllly wanted to re-join Korn.

Silveria realllly wanted to re-join Korn.

David Silveria really wanted to mend fences with Korn, but the band was not interested.

Last week, we reported that Silveria has filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates and today, we have more info on the suit.

The biggest piece of news from Silveria's complaint surfacing is that the drummer sent an "impassioned plea" to the band in 2013 via video message asking to return to Korn. Korn politely refused. At this point, Silveria claims he tried to drum up (pun very much intended) interest from fan support, but that didn't help either. The complaint doesn't mention that his tactics for getting fan support included saying current Korn drummer Ray Luzier "lacks groove" and calling Korn bassist Fiedly "a cowardly little bitch."

What sparked the suit for Silveria was that Korn was touring and celebrating their 20th anniversary without him.

“In or around the summer of 2013, primed and ready to make music once again, Silveria reached out to James Shaffer, Reginald Arvizu, Jonathan Davis and Brian Welch, via video message, expressing his desire to return to the band in order to reunite all founding members of Korn, and to set aside any grudges that may have existed in the past.

“Despite Silveria’s impassioned plea, the Korn band members informed Silveria that while they appreciated his gesture, they would not allow him to return to the band.”

The suit adds that Silveria was very upset that "Head" was welcome back with open arms but not him. Silveria is looking for his share of the profits since he left the band claiming he is still a member of the partnership the band created when they formed:

“Through the use of the Korn Partnership property and Silveria's share of the partnership property, the Korn Partnership has obtained significant professional and commercial success.

"Davis, Arvizu, Schaffer and Welch have not compensated Silveria for his interest in the partnership property, brand or good will, or his individual property interest in the Korn trade name, trademark or service mark.”

Korn is headed to court and this could get messy.

I know this is a business matter and all, but in my opinion, Silveria is sort of coming off like a jealous ex-girlfriend here. Clearly, there were problems with him and the rest of the band that they are not willing to revisit. However, if he was still a partner in the business, he is within his right to demand payments.

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