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KERRY KING to "out-dick" DAVE MUSTAINE on upcoming tour

Posted on September 2, 2009


KERRY KING is challenging DAVE MUSTAINE to a "dick-off"! It's on baby. It all started a few weeks ago when Mene Gene Okerlund was interviewing Dave Mustaine and he had this to say:

“I’ve gotta tell you, the tour with Slayer was really, really cool. I saw Kerry [King]. Kerry was out watching us last night on two separate occasions, and although I didn’t get a chance to see [Slayer], it was really good to know that the ice is melting. I sent them over a couple of peace offerings on the way from Edmonton to Calgary and those guys had a nice trip on the way down in the bus — we flew.“

OH, NO HE DI'NT! Mustaine is limousine, riding, jet flying, wheelin' dealin. Kerry King can't shine his shoes! Dems fighting words! You think Kerry King is just gonna sit around and take that like some chump?

“We only did four [shows with MEGADETH so far on the current touring cycle]. I think it’s cool for the fans [to have SLAYER and MEGADETH touring together], you know. Everybody’s all worried about the beef with me and Dave; we don’t really get along. But I don’t really have anything against him. I think he’s a great guitar player. When we had that Canada thing pop up, I just said, ‘I’m gonna go, and if I see Dave, I’ll be cordial. I’ll say, ‘Hey, Dave. What’s up?!’ But if he’s a dick to me, I’m gonna be a bigger dick to him. And that’s how [the upcoming SLAYER/MEGADETH tour of] Australia is gonna be, and that’s how the next Canadian tour [with MEGADETH] is gonna be. I think maybe he’s grown up a bit because I think he’s a little pompous and I think he’s a big hypocrite — that’s my problem with him, personally — but I could never take anything away from his guitar playing; I think he’s great.”

Oh shit!! Whatchya gonna do, Mustaine? Whaaatchya gonna do when Kerry King "out-dicks" YOUUUUUUU? Find out at DickAMania all this fall in cities all across Canada!

[ via MetalSucks ]

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