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Dave Grohl Concedes He Lost The Drum Off; Nandi Responds In Epic Fashion


One of the few bright spots on the internet nowadays is the ongoing drum battles between Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and 10-year-old music whiz Nandi Bushell. We're not the only ones that are obsessed. The New York Times did a fawning profile, and Grohl even appeared on last Friday's Late Night with Stephen Colbert to cocede defeat to Bushell.

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Grohl began by telling Colbert how he first had heard of Nandi saying “She’s just beating the crap out of her drum set, and when she does drum rolls, she screams. […] I was like, ‘Oh my God, this kid is a force of nature, and she’s an amazing drummer.'”

After taking Colbert through the feud, Grohl took it on the chin.  “Sometimes you just have to concede defeat. […] There was nothing I could do! I was literally being called out by the school bully, like, ‘I’ll see you on the playground after school!’ Every time she would send me one of these videos, put one of these videos on her page, I just thought like, ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna get my ass kicked again.’ It just happened over and over and over again.”

This morning, Nandi released a new response where she says “Mr. Grohl, thou declare defeat at my feet. The rock gods of old watch you retreat. Your legend in history will echo in time. But still, you resign to a child of 3-foot-9.”

She ends the video with a fun nod to Tenacious D's song "Tribute" but noted this would be no tribute, but in fact, "the greatest song in the world."

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Nandi concluded “It has been an honor battling you, Mr. Grohl, and I can’t wait to write our song together.” We can't either!

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