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Nandi Bushell

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10-year-old drumming whiz Nandi Bushell is having quite the year so far. She's jammed with Foo Fighters, with Tom Morello and Tom's son, and...

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It seems like 11-year-old internet sensation Nandi Bushell is having quite a trip in America. She popped up as a special guest at Foo...

Fuck Yes!

It finally happened! Nandi Bushell, the 11-year-old music prodigy appeared on stage with Foo Fighters last night, August 26th, at the Fabulous Forum for...

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Music Videos

Remember a few weeks back, the news hit that 11-year-old internet sensation Nandi Bushell met with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and...

Music Videos

Nandi Bushell, the drummer who totally beat Dave Grohl at drums, is now streaming her debut solo track "Gods and Unicorns". The song really...

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