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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: FELETH Relieve Your Death Metal Needs With Depravity


Good day Extreme fans! While it may not be the best of times right now, what's a better time to check out all previous editions of Extreme Of The Extreme? May as well do it while you're stuck inside.

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While more commonly acquainted with the black metal scene, Norway’s Feleth are preparing to drop one of the nastiest (in a good way) death metal releases this year. That’s right, Depravity the newest album from Feleth is one brutal album full of riffs and hooks to keep even the most particular entertained. Feleth mix the roots of the Norwegian metal scene, with the death metal tone they strive for to create some well crafted blackened death metal, similar to that of Shadow of Intent.

Extreme Of The Extreme: FELETH Relieve Your Death Metal Needs With Depravity

Don’t believe what I’m saying? Check out a track like “Ravenous” for instance. This is a song that melds a more melodic tone from early black metal, with a chugging hook similar to that of Cattle Decapitation. You can also look at “Pale Tongue”, which lends itself more to the insanity of death metal, if that’s the side you lean more to. “Pale Tongue” is about as aggressive as it comes while maintaining interesting riffs and blasts, not just dwindling into another cookie cutter death metal track.

Basically what needs to be said, if you’re here for extreme, and given the nature of this article I’ll say that you are, this is what you need. Feleth’s Depravity is out this friday, but at this point you know the drill. The album is available, in full, below. Given these trying times, if you like what you hear, definitely pick up this wondrous slab of death metal. If you want even more from Feleth, they’ll be performing a full scale live stream gig this Saturday, complete with pyro, lights, and pro-shot footage. 

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