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Exclusive: Death Metal Veterans Team Up As NIGHTMARER, Debut Single "Ceremony of Control"

Posted by on February 3, 2016 at 3:05 pm

We are excited to show you the first song by a new death metal band called Nightmarer, whose line-up consists of some serious scene veterans. The group consists of vocalist John Collet (Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky/ex-Gigan) alongside guitarist Simon Hawemann (formerly in War From A Harlots Mouth) and rounded out by the current drummer for The Ocean, Paul Seidel. Who also used to play in War From A Harlots Mouth. With this kind of pedigree, the initial stage is set for something worth checking out. And Nightmarer make that abundantly clear with today's unleashing of "Ceremony of Control". Although they are a brand new project, the band mentioned to me they already have plans to record a full album soon enough.

As for what they sound like, its very much rooted in deathly dissonance and eerie soundscapes, yet just as often locked into a blistering blast heavy intensity. Metalheads who are into bands like Deathspell Omega, Portal, Artificial Brain, Gorguts, and Ulcerate would be wise to check out "Ceremony of Control". I get the feeling from the material on display here that these guys are only going to get better and weirder as they develop as a band. If you want to digitally pre-order Chasm, you can do so at their bandcamp here. Or you can pre-order it on vinyl here through their European label, Moment Of Collapse records. While Chasm won't see a full release until May 1st later this year, at least you're now aware of what these guys are cooking up!

Nightmarer's Facebook Page

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