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NIGHTMARER Names Their 10 Essential Dissonant Metal Bands & Streams New Single With VALBORG

Everything about this rules.


Purveyor of all things inharmonious Nightmarer is now streaming their new single "Taufbefehl," alongside their picks for the 10 dissonant metal bands you need to listen to. Check out their collaborative single with German death metal band Valborg, scroll down to read the full list written by Nightmarer guitarist Simon Hawemann, and pre-order their new record Deformity Adrift right here.

On the single, Hawemann offered the following: "Our second single is a collaborative song between Nightmarer and Valborg, who are undoubtedly Germany's best Metal band," said.

"'Taufbefehl' roughly translates to 'baptizing orders' and features German guest vocals, performed by Christian Kolf and Jan Buckard. It's a stoic, primitive, harsh and blasphemous machine that will eat your soul. Make of the accompanying music video what you will…"

The following was written by Hawemann.


Not to be Captain Obvious, but not only are these Canadians the originator of dissonant death metal, their comeback album Colored Sands was also nothing short of triumphant. I know I will catch some flak for saying this, but it might just be their best album.

Ion Dissonance

Don't let the predominantly used mathcore tag fool you: Solace is one of the most violent and unhinged albums in the realm of discordant, extreme music. The down-tuned and chaotic juggernaut is something every grindcore, death- and yes, even black metal fan, should check out, not to mention one of the biggest influences of mine.


When it comes to newer bands, our label mates Choir are unfuckwithable. Their atonal death/doom is some of the most nasty and crushing extreme metal you will hear all year. As a matter of fact, they are dropping a new single off of their album Songs For a Tarnished World tomorrow…


Taking it back to another originator, Virus is the successor to the legendary Ved Buens Ende. Their sound is as dissonant as anyone else's on this list, but not very metal. The beginning of 'Red Desert Sand' is one of my favorite intros of all time. May that intrigue you enough to give them a shot.

Plebeian Grandstand

False Highs, True Lows is an exercise in absolute savagery and pushes the genre to a level of aggression that just has to be witnessed. When you consider the fact that it was recorded live, it should become clear how undeniably exceptional this band is.

Blut Aus Nord

This is a band that probably needs no introduction, but has to be on this list for being one of the most versatile Black Metal projects in existence. From dizzyingly dissonant (Mort, The Work Which Transforms God) through heavily industrialized (Codex Obscura Nomina) to traditional black metal (the Memoria Vetusta Trilogy), Blut Aus Nord is always ahead of the curve.


This relatively young band from Colombia is, in my opinion, the first band to successfully bring together the energy of Hardcore (think Converge) and the intricate atmosphere of discordant black/death metal in a pleasantly contemporary package. Their full length Zigurat made a big splash in the underground last year, and rightfully so.


Extreme and experimental don't have to be mutually exclusive qualities. Ehnahre's early work especially is warped, atonal and chaotic extreme metal of utterly abstract proportions. Tied together by downright evil riffs and a vocal performance that can only be described as demented, their music is a spellbinding downward spiral into the depths of musical misery.


Another band many of you are most likely already familiar with, but I wanted to include them as one of the best live bands I have ever seen. The Destroyers Of All is probably still my favorite Ulcerate album, but they're a never a dull moment kind of band, thanks to their ability of making this genre sound more emotive than most.

Imperial Triumphant

Shout out to our friends from New York, who operate well outside of the box, even by dissonant extreme metal standards. Beyond that, they somehow managed to make masks and robes exciting again, while other cloaked bands just look uninspired at this point. Well done, gentlemen!

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