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NIGHTMARER Stays Dissonant & Destructive With New Single

Nightmarishly dissonant death metal unit Nightmarer is now streaming "Hammer Of Desolation" from their upcoming record Deformity Adrift. The song is inspired by the idea of nuclear annihilation, and both its music and video reflect those feelings of despair.

"Prepare to be plunged into the desolate abyss that is 'Hammer of Desolation,' a song heavily inspired by the looming threat of nuclear warfare," said Nightmarer. "The fact that the chorus sounds like a barrage of gunfire is really gonna pummel the subject matter straight through your skull.

"The music video was again shot all DIY and is guest starring Leon del Muerte (ex-Nails, Exhumed, Impaled)."

Pre-orders for Deformity Adrift are available here, featuring terrifying cover art by Jeanne Comateuse. If you're looking for more Nightmarer insanity, check out their previous single alongside Hawemann's list of his favorite dissonant death metal bands here.

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