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Varg Announces Tour With MAYHEM (April Fool's!) & Sneaks In A Nazi Joke

Oh, Varg… you so crazy. No, seriously – you are fucking insane!

Oh, Varg… you so crazy. No, seriously – you are fucking insane!

Varg is a racist. Varg is a lady's man, Varg might be a terrorist and today, we learn that Varg is a comedian.

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The man behind Burzum posted a video update announcing that Burzum is doing a co-headlining tour with Mayhem, and that Darkthrone's Fenriz will be providing drums for Burzum:

Ha Ha! April Fool's! Oh, Varg, you totally got us. I mean, making light of the fact that you killed Mayhem guitarist Euronymous, one of the worst black metal crimes in history, is so funny and totally appropriate, and shows that the 21 years you spent in jail have really made you learn from your mistakes.

Even more hilarious, is your joke about a pre-sale code…

varg 1488

For those not up on nazi lingo, 1488 is code for white power. How funny is that? Varg, maybe stop doing Burzum albums and launch a stand up comedy career.

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But wait, the Nazi jokes didn't stop:

varg racist

Wow, amazing – even snuck in a Heil Hitler joke (8 refers to the eighth letter in the alphabet, H – so HH = Heil Hitler), although it's the same joke you posted above.  Are you already running out of material? But this whole thing seemed so clever.

Perhaps, Varg's stand up comedy career is doomed to fail after all.

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