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Ouch: Dave Lombardo Slams His SLAYER Replacement(s)

Lombardo has harsh words for one or more of his replacements.

Lombardo has harsh words for one or more of his replacements.

What have you gone and done, Dave Lombardo?

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Lombardo had been known for having a loose tongue about his former bandmates in Slayer and even revealed salary figures. I guess once he said he is basically never coming back to the band he felt all bets were off. But at some point, things changed and when we interviewed Lombardo for the Livecast, we were given specific instruction to not ask Slayer questions or he might hang up. So we assumed Lombardo was done trash talking Slayer.

But not so!

In a recent interview with Music Radar, Lombardo was asked about another band he was a huge part of, Fantômas and how his bandmates in that group replaced him with drummer Terry Bozzio for their upcoming shows and somehow the topic of Slayer came up:

“I want you to know something. I was honoured by the gesture of replacing me with Terry Bozzio. That, to me, was respect. Instead of replacing me with a guy that hasn’t done anything in 10 years, waiting on the couch, fiddling his thumbs, ‘Oh my god, when is Slayer going to get rid of Dave?’

“It’s like, come on. Terry Bozzio is an amazing drummer. I love his playing, I love the way he sings with his drums and creates music. I saw some video footage of him playing with Fantômas – wow. He did it his own way and I really liked it.”

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Of course, this begs the question of who Lombardo was talking about? While Slayer's new permanent drummer is Paul Bostaph, Lombardo was immediately replaced by Jon Dette once Lombardo announced his split.

I'm going to say that Lombardo was specifically referencing Dette. Bostaph was definitely not just sitting around these last 10 years. He played with bands like Testament and Exodus. Meanwhile, Dette is a hired gun who most people were not even familiar with when he was announced as a replacement.

Either way, Dave, please stop talking shit. I mean, it's great for our traffic, but probably not the best for your career.

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