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Get To Know SLAYER's New Drummer, Jon Dette

The world was buzzing last week when Slayer announced they'd be heading to Australia this past weekend to play shows without drummer Dave Lombardo. The band asked Jon Dette to fill in. Jon was already in Australia helping out Anthrax, whose drummer Charlie Benante couldn't leave the States and he jumped at the opportunity to play with Slayer once more (he toured with them briefly in 1996.) But this begs the question, who the hell is Jon Dette? 

Jon's drum endorsee Tama just released a new video where you can learn all you need to know about him:

The beefy quote, of course, is how he hooked up with Slayer again:

“I got a call from Kerry [King]. And he said, ‘Hey, what are you doing next week when you’re in Australia when you’re not playing for Anthrax?’ And I said, ‘Drinking.’ [laughs] He said, ‘Well, you might wanna hold off the drinks, if you can, cause we might need you to fill in, if you can.’ And I said, ‘Of course!’ I mean, first, I was kind of taken aback, I was a little paused. But they basically called me and asked if I could do the Australia dates for them. So I will, actually, be playing drums for Anthrax and Slayer at the Soundwave festival in Australia, and then also we have a one-off show — Slayer and Anthrax in Sydney, which, that will definitely put me to the test. Cause it’s gonna be an hour on stage with Anthrax, and then I’ve got 20 minutes to take a break, and then it’s an hour and 40 with Slayer. So I’ve got my work cut out for me that night. But I’ll man up, I’ll make it happen, and it’ll be a good show.”

Looking at the footage from the Australian shows shows that Jon has the chops to keep up, but let's be honest…it's not Slayer without Lombardo. Get it together guys!

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