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David Silveria Claims He Hasn't Heard Any KORN Since Leaving The Band


Former Korn drummer David Silveria has been trying to get back in the band's good graces in recent years. After leaving the group in 2006, he reemerged in the summer of 2013 to take a shot at his successor, saying current Korn drummer Ray Luzier "lacks groove." Later that year, he would call Korn bassist Fiedly "a cowardly little bitch." Korn and Silveria traded lawsuits with each other in both 2015 and 2019. Silveria has since said he apologized to his former bandmates, and has tried to intimate that he would love to be back in the band. But not so much that he actually listens to their current output.

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Silveria spoke with Hablas ROCKas, and claimed he hasn't heard any Korn music since leaving the group in 2006.

“No offense to Korn — I don’t hold any grudges or whatever — but I just haven’t listened to any of their music since I’ve been gone… It wasn’t out of spite or anger or anything like that. For some reason, I wasn’t interested in what they were doing. I had people tell me and describe their music and all that, but I’ve never listened to a whole song… And I definitely don’t mean that in any kind of insulting way. I just haven’t.”

In 2013, Silveria wrote "The original Korn sound is gone. It's the [frontman Jonathan Davis] show now and it just no good."

In 2015, Silveria said ""They just don't have it in them to right songs that can stand up to our first three records. It's just Munky trying to give bullshit hype on another record that I believe will be the same crap they have been putting out for years. As soon as Jon stopped writing with the entire band the music when to shit. And I'm sure their new record will be more shit. I can't blame him for trying to hype a new record when he knows fans have been disappointed by their last four records. You can call a turd a diamond but it doesn't make it so!!"

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So, was he lying then or lying now about listening to Korn? We'll never know!

[via MetalSucks]

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