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Former KORN Drummer David Silveria Calls Fieldy "A Cowardly Little Bitch"

Anybody holding out for a full-on Korn reunion with longtime drummer David Silveria can exhale, it's not happening anytime soon. After taking shots at Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, Silveria has now pointed his attention at longtime bassist Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu. 

A fan posed the following question on Silveria's Facebook page:

Reading Fieldy's book, he mentions you, saying how he threw down his bass and called you out to fight him and after that you two never got along, what the hell happened? Did you put him in a armbar?

Combing through over 100 comments, Silveria checks in occasionally to talk shit on his former bandmate saying:

Ha ha!! Fieldy NEVER threw down his bass and tried to fight me. He is a coward with a big mouth and he knows I would beat his ass like the little wimp that he is. I would love for him to talk shit to my face now. I would love to crush him like a bitch.

Sorry guys. Fieldy has acted like a tough guy for so long it's nice to tell the truth. Not only is he NOT a tough guy but he's a cowardly little bitch. He never tried to fight me cuz he knows I would squash him like a bug. He acted like a tough guy on tour to our staff cuz he knew he could get away with it because our crew got paid well and didn't want to lose their jobs. He used that to walk around acting like he though he was a tough gangsta. Our entire crew laughed at him behind his back because they all knew he is a pussy. I would love to see him out somewhere with no security to protect the runt. He wouldn't say anything because he's totally scared of me.

Munky just puts up with them. A lot of people don't know this but after I left the band Jon and fieldy would gang up on Munky trying to control him and Munky QUIT the band 3 times since I've been gone. When I was in the band I stood up to their control freak nonsense and Munky became their target after I left. It's all nonsense because there is no reason for them to be asshole drama control freaks when they could have been cool like Munky and I and just embraced the blessing of being able to play music for a living. Fieldy and Jon had drama almost daily. I never wanted anything to do with their stupid nonsense. I just wanted to enjoy being a rock star and rock the world drama free!!

The original Korn sound is gone. It's the JD show now and it just no good.

Trust me fieldy is not sorry. He is a punk for life.

Before I left the band he became a Christian but he just really became a judgmental self righteous idiot. Seriously.

Needless to say, Silveria won't be invited over to Fieldy's house for Christmas dinner. At this point, it's hard to understand why Silveria is being so public with his bashing rather than just keeping quiet. Even if what he says is true, he still does not end up looking too good publicly calling out his former band. With that said, thanks for giving us something to write about on a slow news day, David!-

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