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Original KORN Drummer On New Album: It'll Be The Same Crap They've Been Putting Out For Years

Silveria really doesn't like KORN nowadays, it seems.

Silveria really doesn't like KORN nowadays, it seems.

David Silveria must really enjoy shitting on Korn. After Korn posted a message yesterday offering an update on their new album, Silveria went ahead and replied to the post on Facebook, leaving the below comment, as if he had just drank a gallon of Haterade:

I think Korn was solidified in our first few albums. They just don't have it in them to right songs that can stand up to our first three records. It's just Munky trying to give bullshit hype on another record that I believe will be the same crap they have been putting out for years. As soon as Jon stopped writing with the entire band the music when to shit. And I'm sure their new record will be more shit. I can't blame him for trying to hype a new record when he knows fans have been disappointed by their last four records. You can call a turd a diamond but it doesn't make it so!!

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Silveria has been on a tear after it was announced that he is suing the band for what he believes is money owed to him based on his original owenership interest. That hasn't stopped him from saying current drummer Ray Luzier "lacks groove." This power play didn't work for Jonathan Davis, who would have none of it. Later that year, he would call Korn bassist Fiedly "a cowardly little bitch." He recently tried to start some shit with Corey Taylor as well.

[via ThePRP]

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