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ATREYU's Brandon Saller Hopes Band Can Make Up With Ex-Vocalist Alex Varkatzas

Atreyu and vocalist Alex Varkatzas parted ways back in September of this year.

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Atreyu and vocalist Alex Varkatzas parted ways back in September of this year. Varkatzas didn't seem to be a fan of the band's new music, while Atreyu shifted their current lineup around to make up for the loss of Varkatzas. That shift included drummer Brandon Saller moving over to keyboards and vocals, and drummer Kyle Rosa joining the band.

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So what are the chances Varkatzas and Atreyu will make up? According to Saller in an interview with Sappenin' Podcast With Sean Smith, he just hopes that time will heal all wounds.

"We'll call it a breakup," he said. "There's obviously a separation, so I think that's something that, in our hopes, the future will heal. But the five of us in the current situation are tighter than ever."

Saller later added that he feels the new Atreyu lineup has really done wonders for the band.

"It does [feel like that]," he said. "To me, it very much does. Being in a band for so long, I would say almost no bands are granted the insane opportunity to get a whole new big huge bag of inspiration and hunger handed to them. I feel like complacency is the killer of art. I feel like having this shift and having to almost re-prove ourselves and have something new to represent, it takes all that away and it brings you back to that youthful place."

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Check out Atreyu's most recent single "Save Us" below.

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