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DAVE MUSTAINE Justifies Throwing Stuff At Artists On Stage

Dude, stop.


Being dissatisfied with a show as a fan is one thing, but throwing stuff at an artist while they're doing their job is a dick move. Period. Though apparently that's not how Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine sees it.

In an interview with SVT, Mustaine not only draws the line for when it's alright to throw stuff at an artist on stage, but also has some pretty harsh words for artists who don't agree with his opinion.

"If people don't like you, they're gonna throw shit," said Mustaine. "Maybe it's graduated from rotten tomatoes to dildos; I don't know. But if you're giving them a great show, they're not gonna do that — they're not gonna do that. So don't get up there acting like a spoiled fucking brat and telling them not to throw stuff."

Right, apparently you're a "spoiled fucking brat" if you don't want to get pelted with (potentially dangerous) objects on stage. Again, I understand being pissed that a show sucked or that an artist was just straight up bad live, but there are a multitude of ways you can deal with that quietly and without harm to others. Y'know, like a grown adult would.

Sadly, the practice of throwing harmful objects at artists on stage is so commonplace in 2023 that sites like Forbes (and NBC) have whole editorials about it. Forbes also rightfully uses New York public defender Eliza Orlins as a voice to remind everyone that beyond this being a rude gesture, it's literally illegal.

"In theory, if you're there at a concert supporting an artist and you're so excited to be there and you just want to throw a friendship bracelet because you want to give them a gift, then you're not intending to injure them, but were you being reckless?" said Orlins. "Did you cause physical injury? Charges certainly could stem from this. People need to be extremely careful in doing things like this and think about the consequences of their actions."

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