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Damn It, OLD MAN GLOOM Is NOT Recording A New Record

Posted by on May 13, 2011 at 11:30 am

I got really excited about new Old Man Gloom music on Wednesday, but turns out it was all a lie! Kurt Ballou, the man who was set to produce the record and originally hinted at new music from the band coming posted a retraction on his Facebook yesterday first saying "whoops. nevermind about Old Man Gloom. they forgot to write songs, so they've cancelled" then later admitting the whole thing was his "belated little April Fools joke." SO FUNNY I FORGOT TO LAUGH! I guess we will never see new Gloom. I leave you with one final joke Kurt posted in the comment thread on this FB post:

hey, i want an new OMG too. i think i'm just going to write it and record it myself and see if i can pass it off as them. i have played drums, guitar, and sang on their records before, so it's ok, right? it will be called "easter."

Do it, dude!

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