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OLD MAN GLOOM Posts All Their Old Material On Streaming Services



Old Man Gloom has finally posted all their pre-2014 material on streaming services. All the material has been remastered by frequent Old Man Gloom collaborator James Plotkin, and you can stream 'em all below. You can also check out the story of how the remastered versions came to be below, written by Old Man Gloom social media overlord (and drummer) Santos Montano.

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"Welcome back old albums! Of COURSE this was an epic shitshow getting these back online. First off, NONE of use actually had the original copies of the remasters. Oh, which reminds me, these are all remastered by James Plotkin! So none of us could find them. Aaron claimed to have them, but never really looked. I even emailed our Japanese label, and they said they might have them In a storage space somewhere. No luck. I resorted to asking you, the Gloomelos, a few said you’d help, none of it came to fruition. One guy sent me the masters, but they were in one chunk, not separate tracks. I was basically giving up.

"Then, out of nowhere, Steve said he had them all! Maybe he was just letting us sweat it out for a year? Anyway, he sent them, then I forgot and they sat In a drop box for a few months. Then I remembered, and sent them In. The last step was Aaron finding hi rez files of the covers. It took many months and MANY texts telling him to please look. I always know when Aaron is going to do something because he’ll text right before saying 'so what am I doing?' then a few minutes later it all shows up. Basically, all these weren’t up because of us. We just can barely function in most capacities. You guys know it’s worth it though, dealing with our bullshit. Oh! And did I mention these are all remastered?!?"

For those unaware, the material now available includes:

  • Meditations in B (2000)
  • Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism (2001)
  • Seminar III: Zozobra (2001)
  • Christmas Eve I & II + 6 (2003)
  • Christmas (2004)
  • No (2012)
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