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Convicted Sex Offender IAN WATKINS Pleas To Reduce His Jail Sentence

Yeah right.

Yeah right.

Piece of garbage Former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins shocked the world time and time again with his sickening, vile acts against infants utilizing various drugs and sexual acts I'm not even going to touch on in this article during the course of 2013 (start reading about it here¬†and work your way backward if you want the absolutely full story). What it boils down to is Watkins raping children, conspiring to rape children and even blowing methamphetamine smoke in an infants face to get it addicted to the drug. Naturally his band and family outed him and the dude's going to jail for 35 years… which Watkins thinks is unfair.

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No really, Watkins is actually seeking leave from his sentence to appeal the 35 years he'd have to spend in prison otherwise and has actually filed an application with the Court of Appeal sometime earlier this week, which leads me to the only question I can ask- what?

How does Watkins think any court would take a look at this case and think "oh yeah, I can see how this isn't so bad. You're good to shave off a few years." Generally I'm not one to wish harm on another, but if something highly unfortunate were to happen behind bars I'm not entirely sure we as a race would be any worse off… of course that's just my own two cents.

We'll let you know when his plea gets shot down and he goes back to rotting in prison.

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