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Mother Who IAN WATKINS "Groomed" From Prison Loses Custody of Two-Year-Old Daughter

Posted by on October 9, 2017 at 1:56 pm

It's been three years since former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison for sexually abusing infant children (to put it mildly), saying at the time in 2014, he did it for the LOLZ.  The short version of Watkins' disgusting acts is that he was raping infants, conspiring to rape children and even blowing methamphetamine smoke in an infant's face to get it addicted to the drug. Thankfully, his band and family outed him as soon as they found out and the dude's in jail for 35 years.

You would think after being outed and shamed and sent to prison, Watkins would have found the error in his ways, but sadly he hadn't. At the time of his conviction, he allegedly told a female fan who visited him prison "I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about." It looks like he could not stop his ways, because The Sun reports a twenty one year old mother has lost custody of her two year old daughter after it was revealed that Watkins was grooming her to be his next victim.

The 21-year-old fan, who is not identified in the article, met Watkins when she was 16, visited Watkins in prison and sent him letters during her stay. He was using the same tactics he used on other young mothers who were fans in trying to convince them to allow him to fondle their children.

A friend of the woman noted to The Sun that she first wrote to Watkins last July, believing he was innocent and noting there were people out there who still cared for him. The friend noted she received a letter back saying Watkins "loved her." The mother then visited the shamed rocker in prison, noticed he'd put on weight, hair had gone gray and his teeth rotted. The article then notes this:

She was shocked when he asked what she would do if her daughter “came into the room during sex”.

She told a pal she felt “scared”. But she insisted: “I won’t let my daughter near him.”

In December, authorities visited her and took her child away, as well as her phone and laptop. But the story is not over yet! You would think having your child taken away would be a wake up call, but no. Oddly, even after all of this, she still visited Watkins in January to tell him what happened. She then returned in March to visit him with a ring she bought, which the article suggests may have been an engagement ring.

Prison officials noted there was nothing "untoward" in the letters the two had been writing to each other.

The Sun notes Watkins gets visitors all the time, including three goth girls who were spotted visiting Watkins earlier this year, holding his hands and kissing him. A witness within the prison notes that Watkins acts like "he doesn't have a care in the world" while hanging out with fans. The source was another inmates wife:

 "I have been visiting there for about six months. Over the course of that, he has probably had three different ladies visit him at different times, regularly. They are all under 25, they are all quite young. They all have the same look – they all look like goths. I have been sat next to him before and I have asked to move because I won't sit near him. He makes people feel very uncomfortable – he is vile. He is quite noticed in there because of who he is."

"Whenever I look at him, because people do, you know that he feels uncomfortable. He catches your eye and looks away. Obviously I don't expect him to be bothered by what he has done, because I don't think he has a conscience. He is just vile. He doesn't deserve to sit there laughing. It makes me so angry."

It seems like Watkins is in a relatively low-security prison, which blows me away.

I didn't think this needed to be said but, hey, young women – stay the fuck away from this guy! Also, dear prison where Watkins is staying – why is he allowed visitors? Especially the type of visitors he was known to prey on. What the hell is going on?

[MetalSucks via Noisey]

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