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Former LOSTPROPHETS' Vocalist Ian Watkins Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison For Attempting To Rape A Baby; Says It Was Just "Mega LOLZ"

Vocalist of the now-defunct-since-he-is-a-baby-rapist band Lost Prophets was sentenced to 35 years in prison today for the attempted rape of a baby.

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Update: Court documents have been released that have much more disgusting details, not for the faint of heart. We have included them at the end of the post…

Watkins was sentenced today after pleading guilty last month to "attempting to rape a baby," but not the actual act, although it's obvious that there was much foul play with underage children. We detailed the disgusting acts Watkins committed in our story last month, including allegedly blowing meth smoke into a baby's face.

According to Wales Online, Watkins was initially sentenced to 29 years in prison, and the judge granted an extended license of additional six years pushing it up to 35 years. Watkins will have to serve at least two-thirds of his sentence before he is eligible for parole, meaning he won't get out until sometime in 2033, when he is in his fifties.

Watkins would allegedly find superfans who happened to be young mothers, and convince them to do horrible sexual acts to their children while Watkins watched over Skype, and eventually bring the child to Watkins for him to commit the unspeakable acts. Two of the mothers previously arrested were also sentenced this morning to 14 and 17 years.

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Before sentencing, Justice Royce QC told Watkins and the two female co-defendants that "what you three did plumbs new depths of depravity".

Watkins was visited by a female fan the day after he pleaded guilty to the crimes and the female fan alleges that Watkins denied being a pedophile. He said he pleaded guilty to avoid trial: "It was, like, either me go up there and say ‘Come on, it wasn’t that bad, nobody got hurt’, I do my charm. Or do I end up making things worse for myself? Or do I just say I was off my head and can’t remember?" and said "I'm going to put out a statement on the 18th just to say it was mega lolz," later adding "I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about." To say the dude is out of his mind is an understatement, especially after the news came out that his computer password was "if**kkids" (censored so we don't get banished from search engines.)

According to Wales Online, Watkins' defense was going to be that he was bombarded by fans and effectively "set up" with all the sexual attraction. He was going to claim he was too high to remember anything that went on. He once injected a female fan with heroin "for his own sexual gratification" and once told one of his female accomplices that she will “reap the rewards of your master being kind of a big deal.” When she responded, “You are a big deal,” he replied, “I am and you and your daughter now belong to me.” What a lovely chap.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle says the investigation is far from over, as they assume there were other heinous crimes Watkins committed and are still hoping some people will come forward with new information.

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Previously, his former bandmates and family members have made statements  absolutely distancing themselves from this monster, and a former escort-cum-girlfriend says she tried to warn police years ago when Watkins allegedly admitted to her his sexual perversions.

Update: The judge preciding over the case, Justice Royce released this 13 page document summarizing the case, and revealing even more disgusting details. (via ThePRP)

First, the details of an underage girl that went to visit Watkins in the States and lose her virginity to him:

Count 18 dates back to March 2007. You met TT after a Lostprophets concert when she was a 16 year old virgin. The prospect of taking her virginity excited you. You got her to dress in a schoolgirl’s outfit and you videoed her and you having oral, vaginal and anal sex. You asked her whether she enjoyed being your underage slut. At the end you urinated over her face and told her to drink it.

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Speaking to one of the female defendants, one of the mothers who acted with Watkins:

You told the police you met up with Watkins at the Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff. On 21st March Watkins says “Come down this weekend and we can fuck him up again “You text back saying “tell me if you want to get your dick
in our boy”. You had previously referred to getting your boy high on ice i.e. methyl amphetamine.

This is where it gets disgusting…

You presented your baby to him so that he could try to rape him. First in the mouth. Then in the anus. Watkins can be seen spitting on the boy’s bottom to facilitate his attempt. You can be heard and seen encouraging him. Could there be a greater betrayal?

It gets worse…

You took your little boy’s penis in your mouth and gave him oral sex. You then took the boy’s hand and put it on your own vagina. Watkins then masturbated the boy. The planning and graphic detail are bad enough. The videoing of what you were both doing is an aggravating factor. The enjoyment both of you can be seen to derive from what you were doing is both sickening and incomprehensible.

Then, the trial moved to the other female defendant, identified as "P"

You P were a little older than B. You are now 24.Your communications with Watkins start in August 2012. It is not long before the communications turn to child sex abuse. There was talk of moving in together. Watkins said “if u belong to me so does ur baby”

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You responded “understandable… a mother – daughter slave duo worshipping you”.

Watkins said “that’s all she will know… a life of filth”

P said “the good thing about babies is put anything near their mouths and they start sucking it”. She went on to talk about both her and her baby sharing Watkins’ penis with their tongues.

It gets even more graphic, but this might be the worst thing in the whole report:

“she needs to know mummy and daddy don’t love her she is just there to make us cum”.

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At this point, I really needed to stop reading this for my own sanity. If you chose to gain further knowledge of this disturbing case, you ca do so here.

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