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Singapore Grindcore Trio WORMROT Would Have A New Album Out This Year, But Their Drummer is Missing

The band need to find a new drummer or they're calling it quits!

The band need to find a new drummer or they're calling it quits!

Expert grind trio Wormrot were really having a moment in 2011. They rocked a show in front of a goat, who has sadly since died. The band played all over the world, however the bills caught up with them in 2012 and so they decided to go on hiatus to focus on real life.

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In January, there were teases of new music but nothing since then. Until this morning when guitarist Raz informed everybody that the band plan on working on new music, but their drummer is missing. The band posted on their Facebook:

We're deeply saddened to announce that Fitri is not a part of WORMROT anymore. For the past couple of weeks, he has distanced himself from us and has remained incontactable. We fear that he has gotten himself into some shit too deep, he's not comfortable to share with us. If any of his friends who are reading this have any news regarding Fitri, let him know that we're waiting for any kind of reply. Any.

Arif and I took it upon ourselves to remove Fitri. This isn't the first time we've had this sort of problems with him, and we aren't letting it happen again. It has hurt the morale and expectations of the band and our families every single time, to a point where we laughed at ourselves whenever it happens, and pretended that all is A-OK. We appreciate everything Fitri has done for us all these years and for putting smiles on all the people who watched him/us play. Thank you, Fit.

And now, our progress: WORMROT was ready to enter the studio for recording in June 2015, with a new album to be released in September 2015 under Earache Records. We had our sights on Australia, Japan, S.Korea, Philippines, probably more, for our first major tour since 2012. Not anymore. Cuz we're back to fucking 2007.

We will be holding auditions for a new drummer. It will be tough to find a replacement after what Fitri has brought to the plate. Especially when you've got to narrow down your search to just 700km2 of land. But anyone's welcomed to give it a shot. Surprise us. Pester us. Tell your friends to practice. Tell your dad to practice. And then lock up your dad in the room. And then send your promo videos to [email protected] (title: DRUM CHECK). Thank you to all that shared our 'new drummer' post, it might seem small, but every bit counts.

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However, if there's no public interest and participation for this in these coming months, we will put this band to rest. Initially, Arif, Fitri and I agreed amongst ourselves that if one of us is out, it's over. But we're giving it another chance. Because WORMROT has grown to be much bigger than just the three of us.

Thank you all for understanding.


It's truly a bummer but I hope they are able to track down Fitri and finish the record. Or, perhaps they're able to find another suitable grind drummer in their small country.

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