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Samples of New WORMROT Sounds Unbelievably Heavy

You won't believe how heavy it is! It's so heavy! HEAVY.

You won't believe how heavy it is! It's so heavy! HEAVY.

Singapore-based grindcore band Wormrot were last heard from on their 2011 full-length Dirge, which was followed up by a vast amount of absolutely nothing in both 2012 and 2013. Now we get to jam some studio footage of their upcoming release and it's amazingly heavy. I suggest you put headphones on to fully appreciate this!

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I guess the band thought it was pretty funny they hadn't been up to much in a while, because the first comment on the video is themselves saying "we're definitely not dead!" That's great news! I needed some more Wormrot in my life before Wormrot rotted with the worms in the ground!

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