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Menza Says Classic MEGADETH Lineup Almost Reunited But Mustaine Was Being Cheap

Menza was the mystery drummer in that Megadeth video a few months back.

Menza was the mystery drummer in that Megadeth video a few months back.

In late January, former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza suggested he was very close to rejoining Megadeth. In an interview at the NAMM convention, when asked about rejoining Megadeth, Menza responded saying “It’ll be final when it’s final,” which suggested he was in the process of working it out.

Coincidentally, I was at NAMM as well and talked to a few sources with connections to the band and while nobody would flat out just tell me, there were a lot of suggestions of "you will see some familiar faces" back in the band and when I would ask are they Friedman and Menza, I would never get a "no."

And then, in February, Menza made it clear… he wasn't going back to Megadeth after all. Was this all internet hearsay? Nope! Turns out the deals were being put into place, but once Menza got the actual financial offer from Mustaine, he was insulted and the whole deal was off. Menza released the following detailed statement late last night explaining the entire ordeal:

"To my fans, I hate disappointing all of you who have been asking and hopeful that Marty Friedman and I would rejoin Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson to resurge the classic 'Rust In Peace’ lineup," Menza says. "I was totally ready and excited to get back in Megadeth. I went to Dave's house/studio in San Diego this past December and we jammed for the weekend and It was totally cool. We instantly fell right back into our musical groove together. We have great chemistry; It's a magical thing! And, yes, that's me, the “mystery” drummer whose face is hidden in the YouTube videos Justis Mustaine posted as seen below.

"A few weeks after this we all got together with our old manager Ron Laffitte for a dinner meeting at the Anaheim White House restaurant during  N.A.M.M. It was great seeing Ron and Marty. We all talked about the plans for a new record and touring and I made it known I was into rejoining and making this my priority. I was pumped, and even went as far as recording drums on five new Megadeth songs Dave had sent me.

"As soon as got home and it was time to sit down and negotiate my terms in writing, I was offered a very unfair deal that was so wrong. They didn't feel I was worth anything to the band. Dave blocked my emails, changed his number and then, apparently, Ron Laffitte was fired as the band’s manager. Here is one of my favorite bands and a huge part of my life achievements and I was shut out for wanting a fair deal.

I am really blown away how this band conducts business. A band is about a group of people who have respect for one another, sense of loyalty, comradely, and most of all honor and trust!  "I'm not a puppet I have integrity, loyalty, and honor. That's who I am! There's much more to this story, and I could now add the final chapter to my book "Nick Menza Megalife: Countdown To Resurrection," by J. Marshall Craig. 

“Despite this dark final chapter, I wish Megadeth the heartiest of health, happiness and success with their future plans. As for me, I am moving on with a new band of other fellow former Deth members, as well as a few surprise players, and producer ” Menza says. 

While this situation is shitty, it makes perfect sense to me. In fact, this was exactly what I was saying the whole time. Mustaine would rather keep most of the money and just hire young guns to take the spots, and that's virtually exactly what he did. He hired the Angra guitarist, who I'm sure is much more affordable than Marty Friedman, and while I'm sure he had to spend a good amount on getting Chris Adler to do guest drums, whatever kid he gets to tour with the band after Adler exits will be much cheaper than Menza. I'm sure the Adler push was almost a publicity stunt so as not to disappoint fans after heavily suggesting a return to the Rust In Peace lineup. Ultimately, even if Menza and Friedman accepted the offers, I feel like it would've last maybe one tour, if even, until everybody couldn't stand each other again.

Megadeth are currently in the studio working on a new album. Menza, for his part, is working on a new project with former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland and bassist James LoMenzo, and expect to have further details on the group shortly.

When asked for comment, Dave Mustaine responded with this meme…

Mustaine deal with it

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