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Jason Newsted Is NOT MEGADETH's New Bassist

As much as fans want to see it, Jason Newsted will not be the new bassist of Megadeth. As soon as Megadeth made the announcement last week that they parted ways with longtime bassist David Ellefson, fans immediately jumped at the idea that Newsted should fill the spot.

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While Newsted doesn't have social media, his wife, Nicole, does and she was clearly getting enough messages to feel the need to comment publicly. Before making it clear that Jason has no official social media accounts, she stated simply "Jason is not joining Megadeth. Peace to them. Listen to metal."

It makes sense. Newsted was told in 2019 by doctors that he needed to stop headbanging to preserve his neck and spine, so I imagine touring life isn't for him anymore.

Newsted and Mustaine also might not be on the best of speaking terms after Megadeth took Newsted's solo act out on an Australian tour, and then Newsted was asked to leave the tour. The promoter said Megadeth kicked them off the tour. Mustaine pushed back at the accusation and eventually, Megadeth dropped off the tour as well.

Coincidentally, when Newsted left Metallica, one of the people considered for his role was David Ellefson.

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Here's the duo in happier times, covering Metallica's "Phantom Lord."

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